Cookie Policy

Last updated: 5 February 2023

This policy provides explains our view on cookies and lists the ones that we use, along with an explanation of what they do and why we utilize them.

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Policy overview

We avoid storing data that isn't absolutely necessary.

Our website utilizes only a few cookies, all of which are essential for us to provide certain services and created only if a user actively chooses that service.

The cookies we use

token - created when you sign into the Snowstorm Accounts Portal from a web browser so that you can access your account data.

csrf-token - created when you view forms on These cookies prevent a malicious website from tricking you into submitting a POST request to us, otherwise known as cross-site request forgery.

Third-party cookies

Stripe - implemented by Stripe and created when you proceed to the Stripe payment page for a subscription or donation purchase, read their policy here: