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Our mission is to protect everyone's ability to access the global free and open internet.

To do so truly sustainably, with integrity, and with wisdom encompassing the long-term.


For those who wish to support the full-time team behind this critical piece of Internet Freedom infrastructure, there are many ways to help.

Snowstorm will always have a free version for those in need.

first-hop connections
+advanced circumvention techniques
users help each other bypass censors
opensourceOpen Source


What is Snowstorm?
Snowstorm is a decentralized microproxy network designed to enhance internet freedom, privacy, and security. It operates as a distributed network of peers with a next-generation architecture allowing users to help each other maintain full access to the global internet. It is the evolution / V2 of Snowflake, brought to you by the original creator of the Snowflake pluggable transport.
Can Snowstorm help me access blocked content?
Yes, Snowstorm can help you bypass online censorship and regain access to content that may be restricted in the region you are currently in.
How can I join and participate in the Snowstorm network?
To become part of the Snowstorm network, you can download and install the Snowstorm App. By running the app as a volunteer, you contribute your connection to a network of peers that help other users access the internet securely. If you yourself need to bypass censorship, you can use the app as a client. In this mode, it functions similarly to a VPN, affecting the entire system, but it operates through a more generalized approach than a typical VPN.
How does Snowstorm contribute to internet freedom?
Snowstorm empowers ordinary internet users by ensuring they always have the ability to connect to the global, free, and open internet with complete choice and transparency over their connections. Additionally, it offers users in freer regions the option to volunteer their connection to help others. This goes far beyond what traditional VPNs can accomplish. It achieves this by routing internet traffic through a decentralized network of ephemeral peers. Any and all internet users can be Snowstorm peers, and all Snowstorm peers can potentially help each other connect. The specifics depend on the network environment and requirements of each peer; but the actual connection is routed intelligently to provide at minimum an unfettered, performant internet connection, with obfuscation, bypassing any censorship, and protecting against surveillance.
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Snowstorm is a decentralized microproxy network. Already proven in crisis zones, it must now evolve into a next-generation system, with evolved protocols which enable true internet freedom infrastructure.